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La Maison Des Délices is a foodlover’s paradise once you discover this place, something that happened to me yesterday evening. We were walking towards Magpie’s when J and I spotted this uptown patisserie. Of course, the first thought that crossed our mind was to try it but I did not know it would happen this early.

Délices is a beautifully made patisserie and they have themed Old Calcutta. The chandeliers, the paintings and the furnitures, all depict Old Calcutta with a hint of perfection! The staff is very amiable and helpful and also offers very good suggestion.

Here’s what we ordered :
1. Roasted corn and chicken chowder
2. Stuffed Foccacia (non veg)
3. Bailey’s Parfait

Now, the soup was creamy and thick with a subtle hint of mildness to it. Not very spicy yet warm and nice. They also provided soup sticks with it. The proportions are good. The stuffed sandwich was the stuffiest thing I ever had. It was BIG and warm and tasted really good. It was stuffed with chicken, bell peppers and pesto sauce. With it, came a salad and home style fries. The sandwich is bug enough for two average eaters. Priced at 195/- this is a complete catch. And, do not forget the dessert, in our case it was Bailey’s parfait which was out of this world, amazingly awesome. YES, HIGH CALORIE ALERT! It comprised of chocolate, french cream, yes bailey’s of course and nuts. And it was heaven. Make some space in the tummy. 😀

The patisserie outside looks convincing and hence, I shall be back for more. Amazing food, good ambiance. Oh and did I forget they had “Hallelujah” as the background score while I ate.

Prices : moderate :)

You game ?

Cheers. :)

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