La Maison Des Délices – Pâtisserie & Bistro is featured as one of the city’s breakfast destinations in the “Breakfast Breaks” article in today’s GRAPHITI – Page 13.

Article Excerpt…

Partha Sarathi Bose and Chiradeep Pal of La Maison Des Délices on Keyatala Road near Southern Avenue, offer a live kitchen that’s tossing up eggs made-to-order. Early birds are also being served creamy garlic mushrooms and corn on toast. “An increasing number of people, especially working couples, want elaborate breakfasts. But they don’t want to toil in their kitchens first thing in the morning,” says Bose.”

… At La Maison Des Délices, French and Victorian furniture meet paintings depicting old Calcutta while the black-and-white floor pairs well with elegant chandeliers.

Piece is written by Ms. Lubna Salim; photographs by Mr. Soumik Bag of GlamStill[email protected]@2014-1001.html